2017, a year of consolidation

Estats financers 2018 vall banc

2017 was a year of consolidation. We continue to consolidate and grow, as reflected in the results obtained last year. We obtained 8.3 million euros in 2017, exceeding the forecasts for the second consecutive year. This figure is in keeping with the bank’s solvency ratio, which stabilised at 30.6%, and its liquidity ratio, which stood at 55.9%. It should be added that third-party resources managed by the group increased to 2,264,903 thousand euros in 2017. These results demonstrate the consolidation of the bank’s business model as a wealth management entity.

As well as the above results, noteworthy are the milestones reached included the agreement with BlackRock, the world’s main asset manager, as well as the commitment to invest 15 million euros in the digital transformation. These are two initiatives which have enabled us to improve, modernise and extend our services to our customers. This personalised and permanent service also includes the beginning of the refurbishment of the functional structure of the bank’s headquarters.

2017 was also a year of consolidation in terms of CSR, during which our partnerships focused on the social and sporting areas and the promotion of country-based projects. To be highlighted are the activities of the Andorran Association Against Cancer, the Mamapop project, the European 3x3 Qualifier and the 2017 Vall Banc Andorra Open which all took place thanks to Vall Banc. Nor should we forget the agreement with the five-time champion Santa Coloma Football Club and the accord with the Government of Andorra to sponsor the MISTI project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has enabled Andorran students to receive training in science and technology from students from this prestigious institution. Let’s continue!