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Link a term deposit with the VB FONS DOLPHIN EQUITIES FI

Grow the returns on your deposit by combining it with a mixed fund constructed using equities and fixed income selected following core analysis criteria.

50% of the amount you wish to invest will be assigned to a deposit at 6 months, while the other 50% will be assigned to the VALL BANC FONS DOLPHIN EQUITIES FI fund, which must be maintained for at least 12 months.


(1) 2.139 NIR. The AER has been calculated on the basis of a deposit of €10,000. Gross return: 106,95 €.

Products and services

Banking Services

Current accounts

Manage your savings with a simple, everyday bank account. Avoid complications and take advantage of services like a debit card, a multi-currency option and all the information you need on payments.


With a fixed-interest multi-currency balance, you achieve risk-free returns. If you don't need instant access to your capital, a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month deposit could be perfect for your needs.


Combined deposit up to 2% AER*

Grow the returns on your deposit by combining it with one of the four “F” funds of Vall Banc. Because “Mixing is more”.

* Discover all the information about the combined deposit

Investment and saving products

Credit cards

Our traditional credit card guarantees you maximum security and not only facilitates your day-to-day purchases. You also get the best advice on avoiding fraud, travel insurance, 24-hour phone support and other useful services.