Cyber-Security tips in the wake of COVID-19

Fraudsters have recently been playing on people’s fears and need for further information on coronavirus and other related matters by launching mass identity theft (phishing) campaigns and infecting computers with malicious programs (malware).

How can we can avoid falling victim to this type of fraud? Here are some useful tips:


1. Online Banking:

  • Protect the personal data you use to log in. Remember that Vall Banc will never ask you for your password or PIN through any channel.

2. Payment methods:

  • If you shop or make payments online, check that the address of the website is secure (it should start with HTTPS and show a security icon). Only enter your PIN on trusted sites, or when using ATMs or payment terminals.
  • If the website is secure, it will ask you to enter your CIP code (06+PIN).

3. E-mail:

  • Do not open or respond to e-mails received from unknown senders or containing generic or unsolicited content. Be especially wary of e-mails that arrive from apparently real or popular domains or providers (,, etc.).
  • Take special care not to click on links or open files attached to suspicious e-mails. Always check the address of a link before opening it and be wary of shortened names (,, etc.) or those containing suspicious content, even if they come from known contacts.
  • Check for careless or clumsy wording and spelling mistakes, or messages persuading you to do something by claiming that the matter is urgent or for your eyes only.
  • If in doubt, it is best to be cautious and contact the sender by some other channel (e.g. telephone) to confirm that they are legitimate.

 4. Social networks and messaging apps:

  • Be equally wary of anything you receive through social networks and messaging apps (including SMS). They can also include fraudulent links or files.

5. Devices:

  • Do not download apps from unofficial sources and make sure that you have an up-to-date anti-malware programme installed on your device.

6. Vishing:

  • Last but not least, be on the lookout for vishing (voice phishing), because identity theft can also be attempted over the telephone.