Cookies policy
within Vall Banc

Vall Banc, on its web‎ uses its own cookies, but also cookies from companies it works with, for the purpose of improving and optimising the user’s experience.


If you browse through our web, we shall assume that you agree to the use of cookies pursuant to the provisions included in this Vall Banc’s Cookies Policy.


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a type of file or device which is downloaded to a client’s computer, smartphone or tablet with the purpose of collecting data which may be updated and recovered by the entity which is responsible for its installation.

Vall Banc uses cookies mainly for the following issues:


  • To ensure the correct functioning of Vall Banc’s website.
  • To temporarily store information related to the user’s preferences, such as the language.
  • To collect statistics data with the purpose of improving the experience of using the web.


The use of cookies by Vall Banc stems from the purpose of trying to optimise the information and services which are offered to the users of Vall Banc, in order to improve their experience whenever they use our web services.


Type of cookies used by Vall Banc


The cookies which are used by Vall Banc are as follows:


1. For the period of time that they remain activated:


Session Cookies: They are responsible for collecting and storing data from when Vall Banc users enter our website, and therefore the information is kept while the requested service on our website is being provided.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies can keep data on the computer for a period of time which is defined by the person who is responsible for the cookie, from a few minutes to several years.


2. According to their purpose:


  • Technical: These cookies are necessary so that the user may be allowed to access, to identify himself/herself within the service and to carry out transactions correctly.
  • Personalisation: These cookies allow the user to browse through a website, platform or application of Vall Banc and to use the different options or services which may exist on it, such as the language, the screen resolution of the device that is being used, the type of browser which is being used to access the service, the regional configuration where the service is accessed from, etc.
  • Analysis Cookies: The analysis cookies allow the person who is responsible for them to follow and to analyse users’ behaviour on the websites to which they are linked. The information which they provide is used to measure the activity of Vall Banc’s website with the purpose of creating browsing profiles for the users of such websites, applications and platforms, in order to introduce improvements following the analysis of data on how users use the service. For instance, Vall Banc uses Google Analytics, third party cookies, with the purpose of offering a better service. Also, we inform you that collected data are mainly processed for statistical purposes, such as the devices which are used, languages, geographic information, etc.
  • Advertising: Vall Banc does not include systems of third-party advertising within its web services.


Cookies configuration


According to the legislation in force, Vall Banc requests your authorisation in order to manage cookies. In the event that you continue browsing through Vall Banc’s website and you do not refuse the use of such cookies, we shall understand that you agree to the fact that we use cookies.

Additionally, please be aware that should you decide to change the configuration of cookies, the service provided on our website could be partially affected.

Note also that you may disable the use of cookies whenever you consider it appropriate, in order to delete, block or disable the acceptance of cookies. You can carry out the corresponding modification through your web browser’s settings.

Since the procedure might be different for each web browser, we provide you with a list of the main web browsers available on the market:




Google Chrome



Review of cookies policy


Vall Banc reviews its cookies policy on an annual basis. However, if any factor so requires, this review may be performed more often.