Covid-19: Vall Banc measures

Vall banc

At Vall Banc the health and safety of people (employees, customers, collaborators, suppliers, etc.) is top priority and for this reason, we would like to provide you with information regarding certain measures that we are implementing in light of the exceptional situation that we are experiencing with COVID-19, thus also complying with the recommendations of the Andorran Government's Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Presidency, Economy and Business. The objective of these measures is none other than to try to minimise contagion and to continue offering all services.

Our bank has activated various protocols related to prevention and detection within our branches. Some of these measures are related to work spaces, hygiene, use of common spaces, protocols for possible symptoms, etc. As well as applying a policy of a high percentage of the workforce working from home.

As per Andorran Banking's recommendations, we advise our customers to avoid going to the bank offices as far as possible to contain the transmission chain to the utmost. Please remember that the online banking and phone service is available and you can manage all operations that do not require a physical presence through your courier.

In the case of customers who have a prior appointment and consider it essential to visit our facilities, Vall Banc has taken preventive measures to ensure everyone's health. The meeting will be held in a room that will have been previously disinfected and will be subsequently disinfected.

In the case of customers who have to do paperwork at the bank branch, which cannot be carried out through virtual banking or the telephone service, some of the preventive measures by the Vall Banc staff are: using mask, having the minimum contact with the cash and documentation that the customers mayhand over, as well as respecting the interpersonal safety distance between others.

With these measures, Vall Banc wants to avoid as far as possible that there is no case of contagion. We will continue to provide information if we activate new actions related to COVID-19 following the guidelines set by the competent authorities.

We remain at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and we appreciate your collaboration in order to face the exceptional measures agreed upon by appealing for social and community responsibility.

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