Exclusive Wealth 
Management Services

Our Wealth Management offerings

By collaborating with international partners and professionals as well as using state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to offer truly holistic advisory services that lead to tailor-made wealth solutions.

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Latest generation risk management

We can't predict the future, but thanks to our risk management platform, we can identify and analyse risk factors and market exposure that allow us to balance your portfolio and adapt it to potential scenarios.

Wealth planning

The increasingly complex tax environment has become one of the main variables to consider when optimising your wealth planning. Ask our experts.

Wealthcome to Andorra

At Vall Banc we provide a support service for setting up companies and obtaining residency without gainful activity in the Principality of Andorra

Diversification is the key

Diversifying your assets is key in establishing the right balance in your investment portfolio; that's why we've created products that complement your portfolio based on your profile.

Investment Financing

We also offer you a range of financing solutions that are collateralised with your portfolios and assets, so you have the opportunity to flexibly finance your liquidity needs. Our core solutions include Lombard loans and mortgages.

Independent Financial Advisors

We also offer our wealth management framework and platform to external independent financial advisors who work with us to complete and support their services to clients.