José Luis Dorado Ocaña to take over from Michael Christner as head of Vall Banc


Vall Banc's Board of Directors has green-lighted a handover in the senior echelons of the Bank, with José Luis Dorado to be appointed as the new CEO, replacing the outgoing Michael Christner. The appointment is subject to clearance by the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA).

Mr Dorado is set to join the Bank as its most senior executive and to continue driving a project that in recent years has witnessed the opening of the Wealth Management service, supported by the Bank's international alliances, and a complete remodelling of its head offices. The new CEO will now face the challenge of continuing to make the Wealth Management service a global force while further consolidating the simple and efficient Easy Banking - Country Banking service.

After two years of absolute dedication, having moved to Andorra along with his family and having successfully consolidated a solid and unique strategic line, the Bank's current CEO, Michael Christner, will be leaving us to join a key project at J.C. Flowers in Germany. Even so, Mr Christner intends to remain firmly committed to the Vall Banc project as a member of its Board of Directors.

José Luis Dorado Ocaña has over 25 years of experience in the Andorran and international financial sector, holding positions that carry huge responsibility. The new CEO will provide a breadth of knowledge thanks to a long track record, notably as Chief Investment Officer at Crèdit Andorrà (acting as chairman of several group companies) and Chief Financial Officer for Spain and Portugal at Fortis Bank/Beta Capital.

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