Kilometres against cancer, the digital solidarity and sporting challenge

Vall banc solidaritat andorra cancer assandca

The 2020 edition of Andorra Against Cancer will be held over the weekend of 20 and 21 June, this year under the motto of #KmsContraElCàncer (#KmsAgainstCancer). It is a digital challenge open to everyone and adapted to the current health situation, whereby Vall Banc will donate five euros to the Association for every participant.

The Andorran Association against Cancer (ASSANDCA) and Vall Banc have announced today at midday a new edition of the ‘Andorra against Cancer event’. This year's event marks a departure from previous years in that it will be a digital affair to raise money in the fight against the disease and to provide support to sufferers. The challenge #KmsContraElCàncer will run from 09:00 on Saturday, 20 June until 21:00 on Sunday, 21 June. Participants may walk, run or use their wheelchair to cover distance from anywhere they like and will then send in a photo of the kilometres travelled as proof of their involvement. Vall Banc, event sponsor and regular Assandca collaborator, will donate €5 for each participant under the sponsorship agreement for the programme of activities that the Association has drawn up for the year.

As it is a digital challenge, a special website has been set up www.andorracontraelcà along with a WhatsApp number (366 650), so as to attract as many people as possible and let them send in their photos.

As in previous years, the aim of the initiative is to raise social awareness of the disease and of the hardship that cancer sufferers and their families must endure. Vall Banc's chief business officer, Gerard Albà, is calling on everyone to join in the challenge due to be held next weekend. In his words “although mass events cannot currently be held due to the health crisis, it is fantastic that we have managed to arrange an event adapted to the current climate so that we can raise money to fight the disease and provide much-needed assistance. Cancer has not stopped and cancer sufferers still need our support despite COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of Assandca, Josep Saravia, has expressed his gratitude once again this year for the support given by Vall Banc, which allows the Association to organise these kinds of initiative. He also remarked that in contrast to previous years, the Association will now receive a specific amount of money for each participant; a hugely important point in these difficult times for both the association and cancer sufferers.

Both Saravia and Albà also took the opportunity to thank all the politicians, sportspeople, volunteers and anonymous benefactors who have joined the initiative by calling on the population to get involved. Both were quick to point out that the challenge is open to everyone and because it is a digital event is can now be carried out anywhere, though always within the time frame established.

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