Our greatest asset is our talent

Andorra is a small country but it has great talent. Our greatest asset is made up of values such as enthusiasm, effort, work, commitment, dedication, perseverance and a will to succeed.

These are values that also form part of Vall Banc and ones we share with these young talents of Andorran sport, because our greatest asset is our talent.


We sponsor tennis player Vicky Jiménez, the winner of the Australian Open Junior Championship. Because our greatest asset is also the future.

A will to succeed

We sponsor Mónica Dòria, a participant in the kayak and canoeing competitions at Tokyo 2021. Because our greatest asset is also a will to succeed.


We sponsor Arnau Graslaub, downhill mountain bike champion of Spain and Catalonia. Because our greatest asset is also youth.


We sponsor Sito Espanyol, champion of the Rally of Catalonia and the GSeries Andorra. Because our greatest asset is also enthusiasm.