Wealth Management

The future of Wealth Management is Holistic

Managing wealth is a demanding task that requires a lot of responsibility and can only be achieved through professionalism, the utmost commitment and the best services. Preserving and increasing our customer’s assets in the long-term and with a sustainable perspective is our top priority. We advise our customers on all areas that have an influence on their assets. We develop strategies from which tailor-made wealth solutions can emerge, based on their individual needs and the goals we agree together.

What makes us different

At Vall Banc we take a different approach when it comes to Wealth Management. To start with, we take a close look at your personal and family situation, your ambitions and also your constraints. Then, we define together realistic objectives and all the necessary measures to achieve them. For this reason, we develop a comprehensive wealth strategy and prepare a plan tailored to your goals and implemented through a sophisticated process of selection and optimisation of the assets that will set up your portfolio. Personalised management is the added value we bring, offering comprehensive services adapted to all life cycles. Each time conditions change materially, in your life or within the market environment, we adapt the plan accordingly.

We call this Holistic Wealth Management.



You invest more than money with us, you invest your trust. In return, we owe you transparency in everything we do for you. Among other things, this requires clear communication, comprehensive reporting and predefined prices and conditions prices and conditions for our services.


Delivering the highest level of quality requires powerful tools as well as tried and tested technologies. That's why we continually invest in augmenting our capabilities and pass the benefits on to you.

Open architecture

In order to provide you with the best financial advice and tailor-made solutions, we work in an open architecture environment that includes the widest range of products and services, both our own and external, which allows us to tap into top specialists to give the most suitable response to our clients' needs.


Much of what people do in life has direct or indirect financial consequences. We aim at taking all aspects that influence your assets into consideration when developing a wealth strategy which goes far beyond conventional asset management.


We view sustainability as a business model and the way we invest to provide the best solutions to our customers. Investing in a sustainable, conscious and purposeful manner is the path we have chosen to yield the best financial returns while generating a high social and environmental impact.

Our Wealth Management process

In our first consultation we identify all the variables that determine your long-term expectations and goals and define the objectives of a tailored wealth plan. Our wealth strategy will focus on these objectives as well as on your personal and family situation, taxes and risks.

To get the complete picture, we examine your wealth to provide diagnosis of all your current assets and liabilities in the context of your life and objectives. This includes financial assets as well as other real or illiquid assets, considering domestic and foreign investments, pension provision, private investments, and property. Based on your risk tolerance, we optimise the various aspects of your wealth through state-of-the-art technology.

We develop a thorough and comprehensible wealth path that forms the basis for a long-term financial plan and summarise it for you in a document. Moreover, our technology allows us to simulate different economy and market scenarios in order to better understand potential risks and challenges.

We carefully validate with the proposed wealth strategy with you. Only when you are completely satisfied do we use our comprehensive range of products and services to implement and monitor the most suitable solutions for them.

We take action and manage the wealth structuring and investment plan according to your specifications. Depending on your needs, we will work with our network of external expert professionals to consider other relevant aspects such as taxes, property or business activities.

We meet regularly with you to review our financial plan, discuss any life or market changes and evaluate the possible adjustments to your goals and long-term plans. Furthermore, our platform provides you with real-time online access, monitoring and reporting features.

You have a full access to our services through our digital wealth platform, available whenever and wherever you need it. Furthermore, you decide how you often and in which manner you want us to communicate with you. No matter what you chose, we continuously monitor your wealth situation in the background and take the appropriate decisions according to type of service contracted.

Our Wealth Management servicing models

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between two models: advisory or discretionary. Both offer the same benefits and services, however they differ in how much you as client wants to be involved throughout the process.

Advisory Model

We propose, you decide

With this service, we accompany you with competent and independent advice as a trusted partner. Together, we discuss your goals, specific needs and requirements and identify a tailor-made wealth solution. As your private or business situations as well as international market conditions may change, we constantly monitor agreed individual investments and suggest adjustments.

You can also benefit from our recommendations, free of conflicts of interests, and from our executional and operational capabilities. However, at any time the final decision lies with you.

Discretionary Model

You set the direction, we care about the rest

This service includes all features of the advisory service and more: it is the ideal model, if you do not want to deal with all the details of complex financial and capital market issues yourself or are too busy to take decisions on a daily basis. Our proven specialists take on this task and responsibly manage your wealth matters. We always act within a predefined bespoke strategy and framework defined together with you. In regular interviews we discuss the development of your current wealth plan and modify our strategy whenever necessary.

With this model you will benefit from our comprehensive market and investment knowledge, our highly advanced risk management and asset allocation with a curated portfolio of best-in-class investments as well as our advanced wealth management tools.