Presentation of Vall Banc Motor Sport’s team and new car and the milestones for this year

Motorsport vall banc alex espanyol


  • Sito and his team will race under the name Vall Banc Motor Sport in the RACC Flying Cup and other competitions in 2021
  • The pilot stresses the importance of having the support of the financial institution because it allows him to focus fully on the sports part of his project

Escaldes-Engordany, 9 February, 2021. This morning, Vall Banc presented the image of the Vall Banc Motor Sport team that will be driven by Àlex Español, and Sito's objectives for this year. As announced last month, the organisation will sponsor the young rally driver and his team for the entire 2021 season.

The General Manager of Business, Sergi Martín, was satisfied with this sponsorship and remarked that "it is an honour to have our logo printed on Àlex Español’s car and equipment because it is a sign of the support that our entity gives to the sport, but also and especially to young talents of the stature of Sito that are already demonstrating their potential on podiums".

The racing driver Àlex Español stressed the importance of having the support of Vall Banc, "it is a boost for my career, and this allows us to focus fully on the sports aspect of motor racing".

The driver explained to the press the main milestones he has for this year, highlighting the RACC Flying Cup, which he said will be very competitive, "but with the effort we are all putting in, we will fight for the title". First, however, Sito will have to do the tests to adapt to the new car that bears the insignia of Vall Banc, which has debuted in the Lloret Rally.

Vall Banc has launched a new line of sponsorships for 2021 featuring young and talented people. However, as it has already announced, it will maintain other sponsorships that continue to promote effort, discipline, and solidarity as values, as is the case of the rugby school.

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