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BlackRock's Aladdin Wealth draws on cutting-edge technology and big data to develop customised investment proposals and simulate potential scenarios.


With the Aladdin Wealth risk management and portfolio construction tool created by our international partner BlackRock, we build investment proposals that are right for you, minimizing the risk thanks to its use of cutting-edge technology and big data. This technology allows us to simulate potential scenarios, include the relevant values for you and integrate suitability guidelines according to your profile and personal situation, all to provide you with a truly tailored portfolio.


During your visit, you can compare the proposal with your current portfolio and tweak it to what you deem appropriate. With each adjustment introduced, an analysis of the portfolio is automatically carried out to ensure that it continues to meet the suitability criteria and to assess its exposure to risk. If you wish, you can also include other assets that have an impact on your wealth but are not held through Vall Banc in order to gain a complete overview of your wealth.


This state-of-the-art tool allows our analysts to perform truly day-to-day monitoring of your portfolio. This makes it possible to respond more quickly to any changes that may affect the balance of your investments and make the necessary adjustments.

Risks are reduced by maximizing their profitability

Allows you to rebalance the portfolio when overexposed and to balance any exposures that are not in line with your profile.

It allows to perform simulations and anticipate possible changes and scenarios in the macro environment

Allows you to include any investment restrictions you want to add

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