Return & Conscience
The socially responsible fund

Vall Banc Fons Return & Conscience lets you increase your capital while investing in projects with huge social and community benefits. Together let us grow projects to improve social integration, education, health, sustainability and renewable energy. We also donate 80% of our fund management fee to the Andorran charities we support.

At Vall Banc, we are proud to say that thanks to our Return & Conscience fund (especially the investors who have believed in this fund over its three-year life), we have been able to donate a total of €35,086.15 so far to the following associations, enabling them to undertake their social welfare projects:

  • Andorran Association Against Cancer (ASSANDCA)
  • Association of Organ Donors and Recipients (ATIDA)
  • Andorran Association of People with Functional Diversity (AMIDA)
  • Andorran Association of Diabetics (ADBA)
  • Associació de Discapacitats Visuals i Auditius d'Andorra (ADVAA)
  • Creu Roja Andorrana.