The tablets for Stops Labs are to be donated to social institutions

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  • The bank and the Ministry of Health have agreed that once the mass screening actions for the antibody tests have been completed, the material will be donated to solidary purposes.
  • The La Gaverna Centre for Housing and Child Welfare, and the Ministries of Health and Education will be those receiving this material donated by Vall Banc.


Escaldes-Engordany, 29 July 2020 - the Director of Business of Vall Banc, Sergi Martín, and the Secretaries of State for Health and Social Affairs, Housing and Youth, Helena Mas and Maria Teresa Milà, respectively, have today celebrated a symbolic act of donating 29 digital tablets, acquired by the financial entity in order to complement the necessary material for Stops Labs, to social institutions.

As mentioned by Sergi Martín, Vall Banc has always stood at the side of the Andorran Government in the fight against coronavirus. Initially it donated €30,000 to the Solidary Fund against Covid-19 and then it participated in the pioneer project for the mass screening of antibody tests for the whole population, buying 29 digital tablets, for the amount of €5,000, which complemented the necessary material of Stops Labs.

Vall Banc and the Ministry of Health have agreed that once the Stops Labs has finished its activities, the tablets would be donated to social institutions. Therefore, today it has been announced as material will be distributed between the La Gaverna Centre for Housing and Child Welfare, the Ministry of Education to reduce the digital divide for possible future lockdown is and also the Ministry of Health, which will use the tablets to monitor Covid-19.

Sergi Martín, who today performed his first act as the Director of Business of the Bank, stated: "We at Vall Banc are pleased with how we have been able to manage, together with the Ministry of Health, this donation with a dual social purpose. Firstly, to provide support in the fight against coronavirus, and secondly to provide digital material to social institutions that need it".

Helena Mas also pointed out that the Ministry of Health would use six of the tablets "to provide support in the identification process of the tracers", in the epidemiological surveillance of the coronavirus.

Lastly, Maria Teresa Milà highlighted that this purchase and subsequent donation of the tablets by Vall Banc "was representative of the joint work carried out between the bank and the Andorran Government". Milá Went on to say that another six digital tablets would be donated to the children of La Gavernera, and to young people in process of leaving home, for both educational and entertainment purposes.

The remaining 17 tablets would be received by the Ministry of Education for use in non-class-based education, in the case of future lockdowns, by those families that do not have access to the necessary computer equipment.

Photograph: SFG