Vall Banc and MIT, a commitment to education

Vall Banc and MIT, a commitment to education

Vall Banc and the Andorran Government have published the sponsorship agreement whereby they will maintain their commitment to education.

For the second year in a row, Vall Banc and the Government have promoted the MISTI project run by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), during which students from the above institution give classes to vocational training and secondary students from the Andorran system and others from the María Moliner Spanish School, the French Lycée and the Sant Ermengol School in science, maths and technology.

The students from Andorra’s five higher education systems have enjoyed a unique learning experience during the one-month period of residence of the MIT students thanks to the partnership with Vall Banc.

On Thursday 24 January, the pupils visited Actua accompanied by Eric Jover, Minister of Education, who stated: “We’ve been able to carry out this project and generate new technological interests among the country’s students thanks to Vall Banc’s help.”

In the presentation, Marc Pons, Director of Iniciativa Actua, explained the different projects currently being conducted to facilitate investment and economic diversification in Andorra.

In the words of Vall Banc’s CEO, this partnership is an investment in the future for Andorra.