Vall Banc appoints José Ignacio González Freixa as a new director of the entity

Incorporació Nacho Gonzalez Vall Banc

Escaldes-Engordany, 21 May 2021.- Vall Banc has appointed José Ignacio González Freixa as a new director of the entity. González Freixa will chair the Executive Risk and Regulatory Compliance Committee. “With this appointment, Vall Banc continues to realise its aim to build a team of expert and first-rate professionals, in this case increasing the quality of our regulatory compliance”, says Richard Carrión, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

González Freixa is an expert in issues related to regulatory compliance, ethics and integrity, internal audit, quality and risk control, and he has provided advice to companies in these areas for many years.  A partner of PwC Tax & Legal Services for more than 20 years and, currently, Buigas, where he is responsible for the area of good governance and compliance, he has served on advisory committees of Boards of Directors of companies such as Cottet, S.A., Indo Internacional, S.A. and Frigicoll S.A.

Throughout his career he has focused his experience on Commerce Law and Governance, M&As and Property Law, particularly foreign investments in Spain by private and institutional investors. He has been and continues to be PMO for the implementation of the Compliance and Integrity programmes undertaken by Volkswagen AG and AUDI AG, among others, and the United States Department of Justice.

With proven experience in the relationship with European and American regulators and supervisors, González Freixa has first-hand knowledge of the international standards for regulatory compliance and conduct in the markets and an in-depth understanding of the creation and implementation of control plans and regulatory compliance programmes.

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