Digital Banking

Discover all you can do with Vall Banc Digital Banking

Save time by carrying out your usual banking transactions quickly, simply and securely from our website or on the digital banking app.

Download and discover Vall Banc's new digital banking application and start enjoying all its advantages.


Easily manage your accounts, receipts and payments anywhere you are. This includes:

  • Consulting and viewing the details of all transactions made in your bank accounts, all neatly organised.
  • Ordering domestic and international transfers quickly and easily.
  • Viewing and managing your direct debits.
  • Viewing all the transactions and payments on your cards and view the details easily.
  • Managing your ongoing or periodic transfer orders.

Applying for, viewing and managing all your loans, including the possibility of making repayments, with our digital banking.

Managing and monitoring all your investments has never been so easy. From the same space and in a highly visual and intuitive manner, you can:

  • Contract, look up and view the details of your term deposits.
  • View buy and sell domestic and international securities.
  • Subscribe and redeem investment funds.

Sign up

To sign up, call our Digui’m customer service phone line on +376 750 760, your Wealth Manager or stop by your branch.