Vall Banc to implement Aladdin® risk and portfolio management platform


The agreement signed with BlackRock makes the Andorran entity the first in southern Europe to use this platform to improve its portfolio management, risk control and scenario analysis capabilities.

Vall Banc has announced the signing of an agreement with BlackRock to enhance Vall Banc’s capabilities by adding the power of Aladdin. The Andorran entity has closed a deal that will grant its investment specialists access to best in class portfolio management and risk analysis capabilities provided by Aladdin.

Aladdin has been developed by BlackRock, one of the largest investment managers in the world, over the past 20 years. Vall Banc will have access to the full potential of the platform, which allows organizations to clearly understand risks and construct portfolios to meet desired outcomes.

"This agreement not only allows us to make the most of the technology, but of the risk models and the vision of a global market leader”, remarked Vall Banc's Business Director, Gerard Albà. “Thanks to our belonging to J.C. Flowers, and our global vision, we have been able to scale our business and make the very most of international contacts such as BlackRock. These are opportunities we are not prepared to miss out on". As a result, the Andorran entity is the first southern European entity to provide its customers with the combined potential of BlackRock and Aladdin.