Vall Banc makes the transferred assets of Credit Suisse available to clients


Vall Banc's clients who had equity positions held in Credit Suisse can now start operations by getting in touch with their managers. This is what Vall Banc indicated today, a few days after the start of the transfer.

In addition, the necessary procedures have been initiated to manage to lift the existing suspensions on the subscription and redemption orders of a fund managed by Vall Banc Fons.

Vall Banc has started the process of normalising operations with clients, informing them of the new situation, reminding them of the need to update the documentation related to their accounts, and offering them various management alternatives.

In order to provide a more streamlined service, the entity has set up new spaces to ensure clients are comfortable and has strengthened the key areas for customer service.

Vall Banc considers the final transfer as the last step to get back to business as usual and is satisfied at being able to normalise the financial situation in the clients' entity.

The persons in charge of the entity are approaching this stage with confidence, as it finally allows them to provide a complete service to clients who can benefit from international alliances, unique investments and a team prepared to offer the best solutions to each client.

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