Vall Banc plans to invest more than 15 million euros

Vall banc new office
  • The purpose of the refurbishment work, set to begin on 21 February, is to modernize the head offices at a cost of about 4 million euros.

Vall Banc has begun 2018 with an improvement plan entailing an investment totalling more than 15 million euros. The projects to be carried out include a plan to embellish and modernize the head offices located in Carlemany Avenue, with work to convert the current building into a multi-purpose customer service area, merging the current information and communication points into easily accessible service points for users. On Wednesday the bank will begin the transformation of the future customer service area located in De la Unió Street, as well as the meeting rooms located on the sixth floor. The total cost will be more than 4 million euros. This sum will also cover the transformation of the branch in Carlemany Avenue.

The refurbishment is a continuation of the embellishment work on the façade carried out late last year. The transformation plan also envisages the closure of the Pas de la Casa branch in the coming months, given that the bank wishes to focus its efforts on private banking and wealth management in the central parishes and La Massana. However, the cashpoint in Pas de la Casa will remain in operation and users will have a new one in Sant Julià de Lòria.

At the same time, Vall Banc is planning an investment totalling more than 12 million euros to continue the improvement of its systems and its digitization. It aims to provide the best international private banking and wealth management services. For this reason, the commitments to its digital transformation, effectiveness and efficiency are essential elements to complement its personalized customer care.