Vall Banc

International ownership

We are a modern, dynamic, competitive bank and the only Andorran bank with a single international shareholder specialising in the financial sector. Founded in 2015, Vall Banc was acquired by J.C. Flowers & Co. in July 2016. J.C. Flowers is an American company and leader in private investment on a global scale in the financial services industry. Founded in 1988, the company has invested nearly $16 billion in capital, including joint investment in 58 companies from 18 countries.

Values and Principles

At Vall Banc we believe that honesty and integrity are inherent values in wealth management. Our purpose is to build trusting, long-term partnerships with clients, with sincerity at the forefront and clear and transparent communication to help them make the best decisions, providing our professional judgement.

We are committed to our clients beyond our business, because they are putting the management of their heritage, their future, in our hands. We are passionate about our work and that passion translates into working on our clients' behalf, always seeking to provide personalised service that exceeds their expectations and their banking experience each day. Wherever you are, whatever the time, Vall Banc is your reliable partner.

The fact that we have an international shareholder specialising in the financial sector gives us an edge in international markets, thanks to its proven track record on a global scale.

The professional and highly specialised advice we provide to our clients extends the widest possible range of products and services, both in-house and external.

We understand innovation as a lever of change in the management and business models, personal relations, and technology and it is a tool to create new products and services that improve the user experience and the client-bank relationship.

We are innovative in the customer service model without forgetting the personal treatment that characterises us.

We invest to provide the best solutions to our clients. Investing in a sustainable, conscious and purposeful manner is the path we have chosen to yield the best financial returns while generating a high social and environmental impact.

An entity that is committed to a sustainable future has an obligation to go beyond its own activity and contribute to the progress and well-being of society. This is the goal of our social responsibility.

Board of Directors

At Vall Banc, we have an international Board of Directors that incorporates the experience of the following members:

Richard Carrión


Christian Merle

Independent member of the Board of Directors

David Betbesé Aleix

Independent member of the Board of Directors

José Ignacio González Freixa

Independent member of the Board of Directors

Ilinca Rosetti

Member of the Board of Directors

José Luis Dorado Ocaña

Executive member of the Board of Directors

Management Team

José Luis Dorado Ocaña

General Manager

Sergi Martín Amorós

Business General Manager

Edmon Pallerola Gené

Chief Operation Officer

Andrés Roldán Cubas

Chief Compliance Officer

Óscar Ibáñez Velasco

Chief Financial Officer

Ignacio Perea Fernández-Pacheco

Chief Investment Officer

Vall Banc Fons Management Team

Arnau Via

General Director of Management

Eduard Ballesta

General Director of Control

Vall Banc Assegurances Team

Paloma Rousseau Rodríguez

General Manager

International collaborators

One of the strengths of our organisation lies in our network of local and international alliances that allow us to offer you all the knowledge of the best professionals and the best investment solutions.

BlackRock Inc.

BlackRock is a global leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional clients. At Vall Banc, we use Aladdin's state-of-the-art risk analysis and portfolio construction tool to design efficient portfolios that adapt to our clients' risk tolerance and investment objectives in order to yield better results, optimising the risk-return binomial.

Kersio Capital

Kersio Capital is known for its experience, experience and the high-performance portfolios. The Vall Banc Fons Kersio FI equity fund enables Vall Banc to offer another diversified and profitable high-quality investment.

Makena Capital Management

Makena Capital Management is a global management firm specialised in offering endowment solutions to investors around the world. We provide you with the investment model of leading US foundations, universities and institutions. A model with more than 150 years and recognised success behind it, designed to generate sustainable, multi-generational benefits with regular income payments, which Vall Banc offers exclusively.


Microwd is a Spanish social fintech that aims to accelerate the development of communities by providing financial support to women entrepreneurs at the base of the pyramid, all over the world. Its goal is to connect these women with impact investors. Thanks to this agreement, we can exclusively offer our clients an impact fund that meets to 8 of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations and with a good perspective of profitability.

More than just a bank

As part of a social community, we at Vall Banc are committed to what moves people beyond our banking business. We therefore support many projects that work to improve our society. If we can also inspire our customers in one way or another with our commitment in the fields of health, sport, education and business, this will be truly rewarding for us.

Vall Banc, SAU

12 months of fighting cancer

Among the actions in which Vall Banc has greater involvement, we highlight the development of activities to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and, in particular, collaborating with the Andorran Association Against Cancer.


By promoting sport, we transmit the values of effort, perseverance and self-improvement. We sponsor young Andorran talents with great international projection. We support national teams of boardercross and freestyle of the Andorran Sports Federation. In addition, we promote grassroots sports, such as the rugby school, because we believe that these values help people grow in many ways.


Education and Economy

We promote educational activities to support students such as the MISTI project, an initiative of the Government of Andorra and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to offer Andorran students scientific and technological training.