Vall Banc

International ownership

Vall Banc was founded in 2015 and acquired by an affiliate of J.C. Flowers & Co. in 2016. We share the principles of our owner and have added our own to them. J.C. Flowers is a leading private investment firm dedicated to investing globally in the financial services industry. Founded in 1988, the firm has invested nearly $15 billion of capital, including co-investment, in 51 portfolio companies in 17 countries.

Values and Principles

In our ethical and conduct code, we promise our clients and business partners that we will always act in a responsible, trustworthy way, in line with their best interests.

We firmly believe that the way we succeed is just as important as success itself. In this regard, absolute integrity in everything we do is an integral part of our Code of Ethics. Through our Code of Ethics and Conduct at Vall Banc, we are committed to acting loyally, responsibly and reliably with both clients and business partners, in line with the highest standards of transparency, integrity and good governance.

We also adhere to all applicable laws and regulations as well as to the regulations applicable to our activities. This is to avoid risks that could damage our reputation. This maxim applies to all Vall Banc services.

We are committed to the highest professionalism, precision, diligence and transparency for our clients, business partners and owners. Protecting their assets is our highest priority.

Board of Directors

At Vall Banc, we have an international Board of Directors that incorporates the experience of the following members:

Richard Carrión


Christian Merle

Independent member of the Board of Directors

David Betbesé Aleix

Independent member of the Board of Directors

Ilinca Rosetti

Member of the Board of Directors

José Ignacio González Freixa

Member of the Board of Directors

José Luis Dorado Ocaña

Executive member of the Board of Directors

Management Team

José Luis Dorado Ocaña

General Manager

Sergi Martín Amorós

Business General Manager

Edmon Pallerola Gené

Chief Operation Officer

Andrés Roldán Cubas

Chief Compliance Officer

Óscar Ibáñez Velasco

Chief Financial Officer

Ignacio Perea Fernández-Pacheco

Chief Investment Officer

Jordi Pedrals Pujols

VB Assegurances General Manager

Vall Banc Fons Management Team

Arnau Via

General Director of Management

Eduard Ballesta

General Director of Control

International collaborators

One of the strengths of our organisation lies in our network of local and international alliances that allow us to offer you all the knowledge of the best professionals and the best investment solutions.

BlackRock Inc.

BlackRock is a global leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional clients. Utilising asset allocation from BlackRock, Vall Banc offers its clients new investment portfolios which are constructed by Vall Banc and provides comprehensive asset management tools, services and products.

Kersio Capital

Kersio Capital is known for its experience, high performance and stability. Vall Banc Kersio equity fund enables Vall Banc to offer another diversified and profitable high-quality investment.

More than just a bank

As part of a social community, we at Vall Banc are committed to what moves people beyond our banking business. We therefore support many projects that work to improve our society. If we can also inspire our customers in one way or another with our commitment in the fields of health, sport, education and business, this will be truly rewarding for us.

Vall Banc, SAU

12 months of fighting cancer

Among the actions in which Vall Banc has greater involvement, we highlight the development of activities to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and, in particular, collaborating with the Andorran Association Against Cancer.


Sport, with a high-profile element of the country, is one of the pillars of the entity. Transmitting values and potential is achieved with the support initiatives such as Federació Andorrana d'Esquí (snowboard et freestyle), the Andorran rugby training school, among others.


Education and Economy

We promote educational activities to support students such as the MISTI project, an initiative of the Government of Andorra and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to offer Andorran students scientific and technological training.