Vall Banc is set to confidently handle the unblocking at Credit Suisse with high solvency


From the very start, Vall Banc has been working on the necessary arrangements to facilitate the transfer process for assets held at Credit Suisse. Once the ruling was issued by the Swiss courts authorising the AREB to reclaim BPA's position in assets at Credit Suisse SA, preparations got underway, agreed by both institutions and led by the AREB, to recover their positions and help customers access their assets as soon as posible.

Despite Vall Banc having to wait for the ruling in this period to be able manage the assets to the best of its ability and settle customer positions, the bank is performing the necessary internal processes for the transfer. In this vein, specialists at the bank and the AREB are working on a review of the documentation, process automation and internal coordination to be prepared for customers' assets being unblocked. All customers will be given a personal tailored service.

The bank has complete confidence in the transfer process. Its solvency ratio, which stands at 28.61% (the solvency ratio in new Andorran regulations equivalent to European standards is 23.30% —a higher ratio than the average at European banks), and the liquidity ratio (rising to 59.65% in the last fiscal year) stand out. Moreover, the bank has its Wealth Management service to provide customers with support every step of the way. To do this, it offers international partnerships, unique investments and a highly trained team to provide the best solutions for all its customers.