Vall Banc welcomes the Swiss Federal Court resolution enabling BPA assets to be freed


Vall Banc welcomes the Swiss Federal Court decision ending legal proceedings and authorising the AREB to reclaim BPA's liquid assets and currency holdings from Crédit Suisse.

The decision is a necessary step towards the final resolution of the settlement proceedings in Switzerland for some of the bank's customers who found themselves in a situation beyond their control.

In turn, Vall Banc has expressed its gratitude for the ongoing work done by the AREB, as well as Andorran and Swiss authorities, to find the best solution to the interests of its customers who were the main victims of having no access to their assets.

Moreover, Vall Banc is committed to helping and speeding up the deadline for customer access to their holdings insofar as the proceedings allow in this case. All customers who require further information or personalised advice can contact their branch or manager, who will provide them with all the necessary support.