Vall Banc’s socially responsible fund distributes 13,668 euros to six associations in the country

Fons solidari Vall Banc
  • For the third year running, the Return&Conscience Fund continues to grow.

  • The representatives of each association have explained which projects they will dedicate the entity’s contribution to making a better society.


Escaldes-Engordany, 22 April 2020. - This year, Vall Banc’s Return&Conscience Impact Investment Fund has made a financial contribution of 13,668 euros to six collaborating Andorran associations: the Andorran Association Against Cancer (ASSANDCA), the Andorran Transplant and Donor Association (ATIDA), the People with Functional Diversity Association (AMIDA), the Diabetics of Andorra Association (ADBA), the Visual and Hearing Disabilities of Andorra Association (ADVAA), and the Andorran Red Cross.

This Return&Conscience Fund abides by socially responsible investment criteria when selecting its investments. In addition to providing profitability to the customer, it promotes social, environmental and renewable energy projects. Furthermore, Vall Banc maintains a commitment to assigning a percentage of the fund’s management fees to the collaborating entities. This year, each association will receive a cheque for 2,278 euros.

Vall Banc’s General Manager of Business, Sergi Martín, emphasised the increased financial contribution again given to the associations in the fund’s third year and expressed the entity’s desire to “continue growing with a commitment to follow the PRI principles (‘Principles for Responsible Investment’), a rising trend much in demand from investors. It is growth that we will continue to return to Andorran society”.

As for the Director of Investments at Vall Banc, Ignacio Perea, he emphasised the entity’s commitment to sustainability and responsible investments “among them the Return&Conscience Fund, which in addition to providing a profit to the customer, also provides an economic contribution to associations of the country”.

The associations are grateful for this contribution which enables them to carry out their projects. ASSANDCA’s Chairman, Josep Saràvia, noted that this contribution “helps us to improve the quality of life of patients and families who are affected by cancer. The third contribution from this fund provides us with stability and allows us to give recognition to the primary role that volunteers play in our organisation. Thus, on this occasion, we will be able to dedicate this money to provide comfort to volunteers, who accompany us repeatedly and altruistically in our work, with the purchase of equipment that will facilitate and provide them with comfort to be at our side”.

As for Antoni González, spokesperson for AMIDA, he stressed that the contribution from the Return&Conscience Fund is used to contract “a technician and a lawyer who are experts in disabilities and in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to work together on the elaboration of the Law to guarantee rights to this group and to make the corresponding contributions to the Government”.

From ATIDA, Manel Oliva, the association’s treasurer, remarked that this donation will be added to others to cover the cost of a monument they wish to build to honour the role of organ donor.

As for the ADBA, the Chairwoman, Madhu Jetani, remarked that thanks to the Vall Banc solidarity fund, they will be able to promote the “Dolços guardians” (Sweet guardians) project, which aims to subsidise the cost of care assistants who accompany diabetic children under 12, so that they can go on trips or go skiing, among other extracurricular activities. This is a project that they have been unable to start this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions, which has meant the cancellation of most activities.

The two associations who recently joined and are receiving the contribution from the Fund for the first time, the ADVAA and the Red Cross, also explained the planned projects that will be paid for through the donation. With regard to the ADVAA, its Chairman, Marc Latorre, has commented that they plan to buy transparent masks—greatly needed for people with hearing impairments—which will then be customised with the association’s logo and sold, with the proceeds used to carry out a sensory awareness project with basic sign language and Braille literacy code workshops, which will be conducted in the summer or autumn.

Finally, from the Red Cross, the Director Jordi Fernández praised the Vall Banc fund and said that “it reaffirms our idea that we have always believed that altruism is a good investment. We will dedicate the donation to the purchase of supplies for the Charity Shop, a project that was supposed to be a temporary one, but which unfortunately we have had to extend”.


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