Vall Banc’s socially responsible fund distributes the first €10,000 among the participating associations

Associacions CR

Vall Banc has taken stock of the first year of Conscience & Return, the institution’s Impact Investment fund. Over the first 12 months, this investment solution has enabled it to provide its clients with returns and, in addition, contribute 10,000 euros to the participating Andorran associations: the ASSANDCA (Andorran Cancer Association), the AMIDA (the Association for People with Functional Diversity of Andorra), the ATIDA (Andorran Organ Transplant and Donor Association) and the ADBA (Andorran Diabetics Association).

This solidarity fund abides by socially responsible investment criteria when selecting its investments. In particular, social, environmental and renewable energy projects are favoured. Furthermore, Vall Banc maintains a commitment to assigning a percentage of the fund’s management fees to the collaborating institutions.

Director General Gerard Albà positively valued Vall Banc’s commitment to the associations and showed his satisfaction to help them fulfil their present and future projects. Albà explained that “with a single gesture, investors can take part in a dual solidarity initiative. A responsible fund and an involvement that will ultimately be social”. He also recalled that Vall Banc abides by the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), a trend gaining great popularity among investors. With the new Vall Banc Wealth service “we’re ready to offer them a solution: as a result of Aladdin and this fund, we have the capacity to create portfolios that fully meet the PRI criteria. Creating a Wealth service also enables us to meet the PRI criteria and continue maintaining our long-term commitment Andorra, without neglecting profitability”, declared the Director General of Business.