*Wealthcome to Andorra

Andorra is an extremely attractive destination for international investors thanks to its political and economic stability and the internationally recognised tax benefits it has to offer.


The Principality combines high quality of life, an efficient health system and a multilingual education system with a highly beneficial tax framework (lowest VAT, personal income tax and corporate income tax in Europe and no inheritance or gift tax at all), making Andorra an extremely attractive place to call home.


At Vall Banc we provide a support service for setting up companies and obtaining residency without gainful activity in the Principality of Andorra. We will help you analyse the type of residency best suited to your circumstances, ventures and concerns, which will depend on your economic and financial position.


Once we have run this analysis, we will rely on our network of external partners to support you through all necessary processes and procedures.


*Wealthcome to Andorra  



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