Tools to boost
your companies

Manage and receive payments



Receive payments quickly and safely by email. Pay-by-mail allows you to manage your customer database, issue invoices, send them by email and easily keep track of them. 

Virtual TPV and Virtual POC

Carry out long-distance transactions immediately and free of cost. This 24-hour service is completely safe and meets the confidentiality criteria you need for your business. 

Credit Cards

Discover our credit cards, which guarantee you the security you need to make your company’s daily business easier. 






Credit lines, a helping hand with your projects

We guarantee you tailor-made, transparent financing in line with your business objectives.

Vall Banc

Commercial loans

Control and flexibility together with counselling specialized in loans for companies and businesses, all within your reach. 

Treasury and liquidity management

Liquidity management

Current Account

Manage your company’s daily business with a flexible, day-to-day account. 


Take advantage of a 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-month deposit that benefits your company. 

Payroll and receipt management

We give you a hand in to make your day-to-day life easier.